Metermab Measure v 2.0 [MP]

Metermab Measure v 2.0

This is to the yardstick of the LS15, with which one can actually measure all want.

I use it mainly in wooden cases around the stems to cut exactly to size and can I not imagine this work without the yardstick, so I converted it to me immediately for the LS17. 😉

Quick Instructions:
The left ALT key + simultaneously right click of the mouse, you can start the starting point of the measurement and also removed again.

The measurement itself is very simple. Just the start of the measurement activate and move. The indication of the range is the lower center constantly updated.

What has been changed:
1) Of course, converted to the LS17. ;O)
2) The display font to yellow amended, so that they can now better detect.

The credits go to the course Urmodder V! Rus, whom I had asked of course permission.

The mod has been tested Dedi in SP, MP and on and the log file is error-free.



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