FS17 Mod Folder Manager Software v 1.1 [SP]

Free FS17 Mod Folder Manager Software v 1.0

Eliminate game errors by putting each map and it’s mods in it’s own folder. FS17 Mod Folder Manager makes it easy to manage these folders. Free to use forever. Free updates. Runs on any version of Windows. VirusTotal scanned. Report available on web site: http://farmwrangler.com

Keeping all your maps and mods in the default mod folder can cause conflicts, meaning your maps won’t load or can cause the game to crash while playing. Keeping each map and it’s mods in a seperate folder will eliminate these problems. Mod folder manager makes it easy to keep track of these folders, and will tell the game which folder to load when starting.

Using it is easy. First, create a folder anywhere on your hard drive and copy the map file and the mod files into it. Now open up mod folder manager and set up a button for that folder. You can save up to 20 maps. If you are playing multiple maps, just come to mod folder manager first to select the map you want. The game will retain this setting until you change it by clicking on or creating another button.


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  • Ummmm….This mod sure acts like it has a virus in it. My antivirus won’t let me open it. After extracting file, I go to set up and I get something about not having authorization to access file. What’s up with that?

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