Large American Bunk V 1.0 [SP]

Large American Bunk V 1.0

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Here is my “American Feed Bunk” for FS 17.

I made this model from real dimensions and did the best I could so I hope you enjoy it!

This has been tested and works 110%. No errors in log.

There is a “README” file inside the zip file. You must unpack it!

This is not a place-able object and must be installed with the latest version of GE. (7.0.5)

WARNING: You have to start a new savegame in order for this to work properly!

I know the concrete texture is not perfect, but that will be changed in the next version.


(FS 15)

Idea/Concept: 8370R

Model: 8370R
Texture: 8370R
Ingame: 8370R
Triggers: 8370R
Re-workings: tmjdman

(FS 17)
Conversion/Implementation: Watson Farms
Testing: Watson Farms

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