World of Farming V 1.0 [SP]

World of Farming V 1.0

World of Farming V 1.0

World of Farming V 1.0

World of Farming V 1.0

World of Farming V 1.0

It’s time for something big! It’s time for a world where team play is high up! It’s time for the World of Farming 4x Map!

With World of Farming, we present you a new 4-fold map!

The map is fictitious and not modeled on any region. But this should not detract from realism. The fields and meadows have sophisticated forms and are represented from small to large.

There will be an industrial area and various productions. But you can also bring all goods as raw material to the man. However, if you want to spend a little more money in the cash register, you can process some goods further and thus achieve higher sales prices.

A large yard with grain warehouses and grain silos, as well as animal farms and 2 BGA’s are also to be found.

The map offers a very large network of paths so that the path to the field is not always over the road. Forest areas with a beautiful topography and neat mud on the trails that make tractors and forest machines moan are also required.

A beautiful river course with a reservoir and weir complete the picture of the map.

In order to shorten the driveways, there are liquid manure and manure outer stores.

In addition, 3 villages have been included in the landscape, which vary in size and what they offer.

What we offer:

a large main courtyard with grain storage and scales with statistics function
a large cow / pig farm including seed, fertilizer, and liquid fertilizer production
a sheep farm (can also manure and manure)
2 BGA’s also with scales with statistics function
Cardboard and pallet production
Industrial area (sugar factory, weaving mill, FoodInc, liquid manure & dung market, composting plant and dairy)
smaller industrial area (Raiffeisen, sawmill, bakery)
3 villages
Wellingen (shop, hardware store, Edeka)
Daalau (Butcher)
Nevelsfelde (grain AG, animal dealer)
2 manure and manure outdoor storage
2 large forest areas
13 meadows
52 fields
All companies or premises can be individually illuminated with light switches at night
a very extensive and demanding network of paths
additional fruits (oats, rye, triticale)
relatively small file size despite the scope

Required and / or recommended mods:

FoodInc Trailerpack (by Kastor): TrailerPack
ChoppedStraw: ChoppedStraw


Idee / Konzept: DJToBe
Tester: WoF Team

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