Winterberg V 1.0.1 [MP]

Winterberg V 1.0

Winterberg V 1.0

Winterberg V 1.0

Winterberg V 1.0

Winterberg V 1.0

Welcome to the Winterberg.

The Winterberg was built by me from scratch and according to my imagination.

They have a farm with cows, sheep, chickens and pigs.

Crop types: standard LS17

Animals: sheep, cows, chickens, pigs.

What is there on the Winterberg Map:

-A Main courtyard with cows, sheep pigs and chickens

-25 Purchasable fields

Field missions.

– Forestry.

– Traffic and pedestrians.

– Mobile trains.

– meadows

– Gold Nuggets

-Deko Objects and animals.


Modell: Fritz55
Textur: GIANTS:Alex2009:PowerPeter008:TheSecretLife:Vaszis: PILI:Lucillus:ursus1234:Forgotten: Marhu:kevink98:ziczic33
Script: Marhu:kevink98:
Idee / Konzept: Fritz55
Tester: Fritz55

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