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Welcome to the stream everyone. We are showcasing some of the changes and fixes made to version 2.1 of the UMRV map for FS17.

First off an most importantly I would like to thank anyone that has provided models, suppoort, advice, criticism and motivation for the making of this map. There are far too many people to ever possibly remember that I would like to thank, so if you do not see your name included in this list please do not take it personally as I did not purposely leave you out.

There are some people that I feel deserve a special mention and they are included below along with their specific contributions.

CBJ Midwest Modding – Buildings/Objects, Resources, Ideas.
DR Modding – Initial design and Idea, Terrain Sculpting, Object Placement, Field Placement, Scripting, Textures, Signs/Logos, etc…
Roger Stanley – Mapping, Sell Points, Animals, Advice, Resources, Ideas, Testing, Vehicles (Mod Pack)
Bart Manning – Advice, Textures, Resources, Ideas, Vehicles (mod Pack)
DeverKins22 – Testing, Streaming, Ideas.
Blitz Batalion Gaming – Testing, Streaming, Ideas.
Blue Web – Advice, Foilage.
RandomSparks – Buildings, Objects, Resources.
Tyler Matzen – Testing
Brian Taylor – Tractor Edits (Mod Pack)
Pascal FS Modding – Objects (Sign Pack)

As I said before, there are many names that could have been added to this list. I mean no disrespect to anyone that was not mentioned. I appreciate everyone that has contributed to the making of this map.


This is still currently a WIP and is being released as an OPEN BETA. All stock FS17 features are currently working and the map shows no errors in the log. There are additional features that will be implemented into the map at a later date. I do plan on updating this map and continuing to support its development. If you notice any issues with the map please let me know by contacting me on facebook @DRMODMAP.

***Mod Pack – The majority of the items included in the mod pack are not originals. Many of them are edits and convertions from FS15. The credits go to the original authors. Thank you for making the models and releasing them to be used.***

Required mods

Mod pack

Back Augers Revised



UMRV Map v 2.1
4.6 (92.22%) of 18


  • this map is amazing can’t wait for the pack

  • Best map ever, I live by the Mississippi and it looks just like home. Just wish you didn’t star with all the field’s for something to work for.

  • Does anybody know if you can play multiplayer on this version of the map because I would like to play on this map with a friend?

  • Awsome map but cannot find farm silos what am i missing ?

  • how can you fix black sky my sky is pure black other than that seems fine

    • same here, it wasnt like that yesterday. and ym fields are all grass texture and i cant even plow it under

  • Best map ever! Only two problems, two times a night, its way to dark to do anything and there is not enough indication for things like where to sell logs or things like that. Been playing the map for at least 10-12 hours now and still don’t know.

  • best map ever its the only one i play Thanks for spending the time and making a real US map very much appreciated.

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