The gorges of the Dreilandereck V 3.0 [MP]

The gorges of the Dreilandereck V 3.0

The gorges of the Dreilandereck V 3.0

The gorges of the Dreilandereck V 3.0

The gorges of the Dreilandereck V 3.0

The gorges of the Dreilandereck V 3.0

The team Agrar Dreiländereck offers you a 4-fach map with many branches of industry and many new factories.

What was installed where:

The central courtyard consists of:

-> Seed and fertilizer production (from SanAndreas)

-> Large stock of 5 Mio capacity with Digi Display (Refillable Diesel)

-> Plots for vehicles (refillable diesel)

-> Washing Machine (from 112TEC)

-> Buyable: diesel water fertilizer seed

-> Large digs above the entrance to the farm (from Nils23)

-> A central railway station with 5 million capacity

By Road Station:

-> Silo with 2.5 Mio capacity

-> Refillable diesel

-> Halls the doors go automatically to [/ align]


-> Consists of the whole cattle

-> Halls the doors go up automatically

-> livestock station with dig. 2.5 capacity

-> Silage Tower (from Kastor)

-> Mixer feeders (from Kastor)

-> Pork Fodder from Kastor)

-> Silo 2.5 Mio

-> Bale-bales for all bales (self-made by DLK)

-> Chicken farm (from Zero_Ace)

Nebenforst and Zentralforst:

-> stock to 2.5 Mio

-> Sawmill (of kevink98)

-> Pallet Works (from Zews)

-> and lots of trees

-> Cardboard (from Zews)

-> Wood chopper (from Kastor)


-> Gravel works (own construction DLK)

-> Production plant (Eigenbau DLK)

-> Bucket wheel excavator (object of Caucasus rest DLK)

-> Biogas (from Zews)

-> station to 2.5 million capacity

Selling Points:

-> Toom market

-> Construction site (in the city)

-> Campsite

-> Obi

-> Port

The rest of the map:

-> 50 fields of all sizes

-> Many meadows

-> 3 storey store

-> 4 trains

-> Raffi (of Kastor)

-> sugar factory (from Zews) next to it a sugar chopper for fueled goods (own construction by DLK object of Kastor)

-> 3 railway stations in the country 2.5 Mio capacity

-> Automatic logistics warehouse with silo 5 Mio capacity

-> Fire station and a small sub-area next to it

-> Large city

-> Radioturm as a landmark

-> Sewage treatment plant (from BlackSheep)

-> dairy (from Zews)


One at the Viehhof Composter (from Farmer_Andy) Gülleseparator (von kevink98)

One at the store


All standard

Pebbles, coal, limestone, clay, asphalt, gold, earth, cement, mineral water, gold bars, concrete slabs,

Diesel, biogas, milk, cheese, butter, kefir, coded milk, yoghurt, molasses, empty pallets, parcel, pasta, compost,

Apple, pear, cherry, plum, currant, orange, strawberry, raspberry, cola beans, cola

If I have forgotten someone with the scripts or buildings so give me notice and I will register you as soon as possible!

A full version 2.0.0 will appear in the next days where the map is also decorated with loving hand and patience some is already already on it.

A big thanks goes to all scripters which gave me the possibility to make the map as beautiful as possible

You also need the AnimatedObject otherwise the doors do not open



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