Osina V 1.0 [MP]

Osina V 1.0

Osina V 1.0

Osina V 1.0

Osina V 1.0

!!! Be sure to read to the end !!!

>>>> That is, after about a year time, you seem to Osina V1 card !! 🙂

>>>> The picture is based on a real village and country bordering the province. Lower Silesia and Opole, near my village. 🙂

The card laid all his heart and devoted hundreds of hours to reproduce it best, which I have in about 85% because businesses that are on the map are not available, there are normal houses. I have a few things also from each other. 🙂

>>>> So, after a short introduction time for the description of the card: D

It has:

– Two playable farms, focused on animal production or cows (pigs, unfortunately not because I did not have too much where to look for), the second plant.

– purchase of grain on the old state farms sculptures, (a certain type of grain sold in another building)

– purchase of animals also PGR sculptures

Kanty with machines and operating equipment reset

– 46 fields ranging in size from a few acres to about 5 acres of meadows and 3 (unfortunately they are not purchased)

– As I unbelievably depicted area of ??Lower Silesia mentioned on another map, will not 🙂

– Mod Sieczka

– Doors and gates open with the mouse

– Lamps on the button

– The possibility of storing grain in one of the halls on the farm with “Binami”



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