On The Hills v 1.2

On The Hills v 1.1

On The Hills v 1.1

On The Hills v 1.1

On The Hills v 1.1

On The Hills v 1.1

Wellcome on the hills in between Moorbach and Feuchtingen
Manage a farm which is situated in a fabulous landscape between lakes, hills and wetlands. The terrain will demand everything from your machines.

The map features all the standard elements of FS17.
All the animals are on the farm.
Rye and oat as aditional crop.
There’s an agricultural service supply agency which disposes of storage facilities.
I’ve created new sales points and a biogas plant especially for this map.

Mods required:

Additional terrain angles – mod recommendation

Chopped straw for harvesters – required mod

Ready for Season Mod


El Cid

4.5/5 - (8 votes)

One comment

  • Miklos G. Hurocy

    Great map! But… Fields turn black when you try to work them. Disabled all the mods, and still get the result. Any ideas?

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