Gold Crest Valley V 2.1 [MP]

Gold Crest Valley V 2.1

Gold Crest Valley V 2.1

Gold Crest Valley V 2.1

Gold Crest Valley V 2.1

Gold Crest Valley V 2.1

I didn’t like the original GoldCrestValley farm, so I rebuilt it.

Why did i upload the map now, you will ask yourself.

Well this is explained easily .

First, it takes time to a map to (re)build.

On the other hand I’ve got the LS17 only get this weekend birthday.

So what’s inside?

Well the original map with all Ls17 functions.

However, I have replaced the pigs on the meadow at the Court.

The chickens have also changed their place. And you can find them now across the street from the House.

They had to make room for the sheep.

The cows can be found now at the Court and field 14 has also turned into a field of grass.

The silos are placed together with the water tank instead of the Hall between field 14 and 15.

I also replaced your start vehicles.

Oh before I forget it, you should know that I’ve filled your pöttinger with grass, so that you can get started immediately. But don’t forget buying animal before you try to feed them.

For the future, I have no plans for this map, anymore.



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  • I’m loving this map. You’re awesome. I can’t understand why Giants always makes maps that put the cows, sheep n pigs so far away from the farm. Thank you for bringing them closer and make it more realistic. Haven’t found any bugs or issues so far.

    • Found 2 glitches. Both are with Helpers. On field 12 just above the pig pen there is a field glitch that makes the helper turn around halfway through the field. On field 15 same thing but in the NW corner (along the northern edge of the silage pit)

  • Non funziona o meglio dopo aver salvato la partita al riavvio di essa tutti i veicoli spariscono.. si può risolvere grazie

  • eu gostava que os campos fossem maiores, ter uns 10 campos mas maiores!

  • Co tam gadacie?

  • Ich finde die Map sehr cool nur weiß ich nicht genau wo ich die die Kühe abladen kann. Währe sehr nett wenn mir jemand helfen kann.

  • I can’t find a cow window to buy it

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