Cherry Hills Seasons 4X Map

Cherry Hills Seasons update

Cherry Hills Seasons update

Cherry Hills Seasons update

Cherry Hills Seasons update

Here is the next part of this update mapathon.
FS17 Cherry Hills Seasons 4x map for Alan Jones update.
Like the others so far this update adds in the new textures and the GTX water trough mod.

Delete the old zip file, unzip the new dowloaded file and place the new map zip into your mods folder. A fixed Kotte Multi tanker is also included and can be found in the shops misc section this handles all fluid triggers in the map for you. Do not use an old save start a new game. After deleting the shader_cache folder load the map and drive around it or use player speed if you have that mod to cache the map back in. Save and exit, load back into the map and play.



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  • The gates still don’t work

  • brian rutherford

    hi stevie,
    i love the maps you do.i wish you did some mods too though.pine cove is my fav.second best is cherry hills.then iam not sure what three is .

  • Farley de Castro Borges

    Hi Steve
    I love your maps my favorite is Cherry Hills; Game without stopping and would like to know if you have to do the same map to Farming19 would be a thing that I think the acceptance will be very large.
    Friend I have 63 years and spend my retirement time qui in front of the computer playing farming.
    Would like to have it on farming19.

    Thank you
    Farley de Castro Borges

  • hey on this website im on i can’t find the download button

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