Canadian Ultimate 10 v 1.0

Canadian Ultimate 10 v 1.0

Canadian Ultimate 10 v 1.0

Canadian Ultimate 10 v 1.0

This is the update to canadian ultimate map 10.0.
Vehicules included.

This is a multifruits map with breeding animals.
You need: Kotte Universal liquid transport pack mod, oignons and carrots headers, there are many models available.



Canadian Ultimate 10 v 1.0
4.1 (82.5%) of 8


  • how can I print out the map so i can `maybe` read some of the jumble of site names ??????????????????

  • very “busy” map with names overlapping. I wish names could be placed on buildings or sign posts on any/all maps.

  • why do i get the stopclock and 4 zero when i buy a field. i have to restart game to get rid of the 4 zeros. this has happend a few time.

  • als je de stopklok krijgt loop dan effe achteruit en weer terug en druk op R, kijk oook effe naar het weer. als er regen op komst er staat doet die het ook niet.

  • Daniel you don’t have to restart the game. Just back away from the sale sign and re-enter it and buy.

  • I found this map to be a great map thank you for producing a great map. I found a couple of problems one is the rain goes through your barns, the other thing is I can’t harvest carrots or onions also sugar cane will not grow

  • bring this to fs19

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