Altmuhlhofen V 2.2 [MP]

Altmuhlhofen V 2.1

Altmuhlhofen V 2.1

Altmuhlhofen V 2.1

Altmuhlhofen V 2.1

Altmuhlhofen V 2.1

Now I will also provide you my map here

You can expect a small map, built with a lot of nature, but also equipped with functions.

What awaits you here?

14 fields that need to be managed, 2 meadows, 1 BGA with the new Fliegl Biomat, a village, a garden center and dealer, as well as a farm with all animals and suitable vehicles.

Since the map also includes a lot of nature, you can also fall many trees.

In addition, on the map, the sawmill was built based on the factory script, as well as the SeedMaster2k17.

Now to a few small clues.

The wooden pallets from the sawmill, you can sell behind the country trade. As well as the animals also.

Attention! On the map, there are no missions as these have been turned off.


Map gestaltet durch ferbman98,
Modelle verwendet von Bärnd, Eribus, Steffen30muc, Niggels, fuqart, Katsuo, Giants, Kevink98, Famer_andy, Nick98.1, und natürlich die, wo ich vergessen habe.

Und dabei gilt auch ein Dank, an das Team, das mir Tipps und Hilfe gegeben haben. Und natürlich auch auf Fehlersuche waren.

Besonders auch ein Dank an SyRoX, der Bilder zur Map erstellt hat.

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