Wooden pallet gripper V 1.0 [MP]

Wooden pallet gripper V 1.0

Wooden pallet gripper V 1.0

Since I have been given permission by Gnescher, I would like to make a mistake outdoor wood pallet gripper available to you. Thanks to Gnescher for his work. This gripper has served me very good service in the LS15 and now he can do his work in the 17s.

The log is error-free for me and a friend.

Sale price: 1200 LS EUR

Maintenance / Day: 1 LS EUR

I just want to say right one. This gripper has no color choice because the color choice was absolutely matter to me. For me it was primarily concerned that he does not write Errors / Warnings in the log. And I have geschaft. Anyone who thinks the color choice is important, is to contact Gnescher if he can continue to build it. Remain the right, so it’s up to me more in Gnescher.

Here is the description in the original from the LS15:

Here I have a small fine, super funktionierndes part.

A wooden pallet gripper for Holzplaetten of marhus sawmill.

I have rumgeärgert briefly with the pallet fork and then I built the wooden pallet fork.

Choice of colors, washable

with connections for tele loaders, front loaders and wheel loaders. Front loader a proper counterweight is needed.

The wooden pallet gripper has further apart standing forks and thus it does not interfere with the range but under the wood. The wooden pallet is secured against falling with an upper part. This is operated with the right mouse button.

The front hooks can be with the X button up and down flaps, characterized can be closer to ride on the wall or on the underlying pallet.

Price: 1200 LS


Modell: Gnescher
Textur: Gnescher/Puck01
Script: Gnescher
Idee / Konzept: Gnescher
Tester: Puck01/Sibi

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