Stoll 1500mm Shovel V 2.2 [MP]

Stoll 1500mm Shovel V 1.0

Stoll 1500mm Shovel V 1.0

Stoll 1500mm Shovel V 1.0

Because the standard shovel with 2300mm width was to big for me and fertilizer is very heavy with the realistic weights, I changed the width to 1500mm. I made that with blender, so the coupling is still compatible to all frontloaders with euro linkage.

Manufacturer: Stoll

Model: 1500mm Universal shovel

coupling: Front loader, Euro linkage

capacity: 1200 l

Filling goods: Like standard scoop (grain, straw, fertilizer …)

Features: Washable and color selection in all colors

Cost: 800 € purchase, 100 € paint, 4 € maintenance

Usage: Bulk material loading on small farms with smaller and lighter tractors

Maps and Mods: Old Streams Map, Inspector, Frontloader Display and Gearbox Addon.


Giants / FarmerP99

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