New Farming Simulator 17 – Mission System

New Farming Simulator 17 - Mission System

Hello all farmers!
As the Farming Simulator 17 is getting closer to the daylight we’ll be releasing more news about all new features available in the upcoming game.

In the news we will introduce:
New content
New gameplay mechanics
New vehicles
New brands
New environments
…and more!

To begin with, today we will introduce all new mission system.

Challenges on the Field

In the previous Farming Simulator versions you would have an empty field where you could only work if you would purchase it. In the Farming Simulator 2017 things will be a bit different.

When you will be select a field at the sale point you will face two selections: purchase the field or to do a mission for the owner of the field – an NPC that you can help with it. These fields will go through their own natural agricultural cycles and the tasks that you will get: sowing, fertilizing, harvesting and more! Every task will develop your agriculture experience.

New Farming Simulator 17 - Mission System

Before you take the task, you will be given all relevant information to complete the mission:

Payment – Given after successful completion of the mission.
Vehicles and equipment – These are required for the task, made available to you for the duration of the mission.
Job description – The current field owner will give you a brief of what is required of you.

By pressing “Start”, you will activate the mission. Afterwards, all required vehicles and equipment will appear i front of you. In many cases, these vehicles and equipment will be to expensive to buy for a beginner and it will be a great learning experience for the future.

You will have to work under the clock, you will be rewarded bonuses depending how long it will take for you to complete an objective. If you fail to complete the task in the time limit, your mission will be canceled and you will not receive payment.

New Farming Simulator 17 - Mission System

Earning Loyalty

If you will complete the mission in time limit, you will not only get the payment and bonus. You will get as well loyalty from the farmer that you did the job.

The more loyalty points you will earn from a particular farmer the bigger discount you will get when you will boy the property from the specific farmer. So remember, the more missions you succeed, the more loyalty you will earn.

In the Farming Simulator 17 there will be many farmers with many missions as well, each farmer will have their unique personality and various jobs. If you earn loyalty with all of them, you can expect to develop your farm much quicker and easier.

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