Farming Simulator 17 – Animals

Farming Simulator 17 - Animals

Hello all Farming Simulator 17 fans!

Another week we bring more news of the upcoming Farming Simulator 17. This time we will introduce animals. The game is not all about taking care of crops, if you want to do something else, there are animals that you have to grow and do other stuff with it. In the newest version of Farming Simulator there will be: cows, sheep, chickens and the newest addition pigs.!


Farming Simulator 17 will give you a feature to transport all the animals that you have bought to your farm by yourself. To do so you will need a livestock trailer.
Of course there will be time, that you can’t deliver your new animals to your farm and in cases like these you can hire local livestock dealer to do that for you of course it will cost.
Furthermore, animals produce goods that needs to be transported. For example, cows produce milk but that is sold autpmatically every day, but wool will need to be transported the local spinnery.

Farming Simulator 17 - Animals

Animal Husbandry

The game would be too simple if you would only buy animals and place them in a field. The all beauty of the game is that you have to take care of animals as well. There are somethings that you have to know. The most important thing is that animals require food and water. Also by using straw blower you will need change the bedding of cows and pigs and clean the animals feeding areas very often. When you will have happy animals they will multiply and increase the total number of your farm animals. Moving on by keeping good care of your animals it will increase the productivity of your farm animals.
By having cows and pigs you will also produce manure and slurry. With use of that you can fertilize your fields to increase the yield.
But there are some exceptions that are related with chickens. By starting your farm you will be given few chickens. These animals are the easiest to take care. Chickens will lay eggs without any of your care. If you want to earn some additional money, you will have to manually collect eggs and sell them to the selected households.

Farming Simulator 17 - Animals


Farming Simulator 17 introduces pigs for the first time in the game history. The most important thing with pigs is to feed them properly because its the key element for pigs to multiply and sell them to make profit. To feed pigs properly we have made a balanced diet list below:

50% Base food: Corn
25% Grain: Wheat or Barley
20% Protein: Canola or Sunflowers or Soybeans
5% Root crops: Potatoes or Sugar Beets

There is also an option to buy already made balanced pig food bags from local store of course you will need manually to transport these backs to your pig enclosures.

You also have the option of buying bags of perfectly balanced pig food directly from the local store, although you’ll need to manually transport them to your pig enclosures.

Farming Simulator 17 comes out October 25, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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