Dondiego Map V 12.1 [MP]

Dondiego Map V 1.2

Dondiego Map V 1.2

Dondiego Map V 1.2

Dondiego Map V 1.2

Dondiego Map V 1.2

Welcome to Dondiego map, the map was converted from ls15 and based on my map from ls11.
This is 4 times large map with many new and Obiekte ls17 function.


New fruits incorporated (oats, roe, spelled, triticale, millet)
Large yard with central storage for all fruits and products with capacity of 1500000 L.
All animals on the farm
Water in the yard is free
Fillable Hoftankstelle, Werkststt with configuration Trigger
Plenty of room for Placeable objects
Sawmill – boards and chips
Grain Mill – three varieties of flour on pallet
Bakery – Bakery Products pallet
Compost master compost
Soymilk Production
Milk trigger for the cows – milk sales trigger in dairy
Biorefinery (7:00 to 18:00) – Diesel (fuel)
Supermarket sales outlet for flour and bakery product
Baumarkt TOON (10:00 to 18:00) – Internet shop boards
Traffic and pedestrians
gold nuggets
postponed reset point to the yard

Recommended Mods:
Kotte Universal Pack
Stop milk sale

Version 2.1

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Kastor, Mike Modding, farmerads, möchtegernebauen,
El Cid, BlackShep, RC-Devil, Blacky-BPG, kevink98,
Farmer_Andy, Marhu, fasi, fqC art., auwgl, Nigels,
Nils23, slowtide63

Dondiego Map V 12.1 [MP]
3.92 (78.33%) of 12

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