Farming Simulator 17 Trains

Farming Simulator 17 Trains

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The Farming Simulator 17 is getting closer to the release date and we have more news from the game developers. This time we will introduce news about trains.
Trains are a mean of transportation to transport from one point to another in the entire map large amounts of products. To transport harvested wood there will be two areas with heave duty cranes that you can manually operate for picking up and placing the logs in the carriages.

Farming Simulator 17 Trains

Goldcrest Railway

Farming Simulator 17 Trains

Train is available like all other vehicles in the Farming Simulator 17 but it will cost you a maintenance fee. North American Goldcrest Valley map will offer two train lines that you will be able to use it. Furthermore, you will be able to drive manually these trains in both ways on the tracks.
Game developers also state that it will be possible to change from crops and wood produce from one train to another at the same train station. An example of this would be: if you want to transport wood from one map point and transfer it to another train that goes to the selling point or Stanton Sawmill and if you’re selling crops to Maplefield Mill. Trains are equipped with tension belts that you would not lose any wood logs in the trip.
Trains also can be used as a storage for your crops. These are Potatoes and Sugar Beet that can’t be stored in other Silos can be stored in the train silo.

Loading Goods

Farming Simulator 17 Trains

Trains are very beneficial way to stock and sell big amounts of produced goods, so you should use this transportation as much as possible to gain benefit. Wood logs are loaded with cranes and crops will be loaded from your silo using pipe, on the other hand, animals will need to be transported with special trailers to the train station.
Goldcrest Valley offers two crane points for loading your good to the wagons. One of train stations are placed in the two diffrent tracks cross and there will be one of the cranes. The second crane will be placed at the Stanton Sawmill, where you will be able to sell your wood. The log loading is done manually so you will have to be careful not to lose any of your produce.
If you don’t like trains, there will be an Option in the menu that you can choose to remove trains from the cycle when tabbing through your owned vehicles.

Farming Simulator 17 comes out October 25, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Farming Simulator 17 Trains
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